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Golf Event Results

October 18th -  Wild Wing -  Best 17
1) Taffy Greenway 59
2) Jamie Fisher 62
3) Kathy Fadziewicz 64

October 11th - River Oaks Golf Plantation - Odd Holes 
1) Dianne Atkinson  28
2) Sandi Kandel  32 (MC)
3) Judy Melton  32 (MC)

October 8th - Arrowhead - Best of 9
1) Janis Ortmeyer 32
2) Cheryl Zamerski  33
3)Sue Durbin 33
4) Linda Painter 33

October 1st - Arrowhead -  Lowest No. of 3 Putts 
1) Sue Durbin 1
2) Barb Eckroth 2
3) Cheryl Zamerski 2
4) Barb Cleghorn 2

September 20th - Tradition - Best 4 Front and Back Plus 1
1) Mary Alice Yopp - 23
2) Eileen Sheehy - 24.5
3) Carol Gray - 27.5 (MC)

September 17th - Arrowhead - Even Holes
1) Elaine Finui 29.5
2) Barb Azzaretti 30.5
3) Janis Ortmeyer 31
4) Michelle Kozinetz 32

September 13th - Myrtlewood - Even Holes
1) Vicki Acri  36
2) Jamie Fisher 38.5

September 10th - Arrowhead - Par 4s - Low Gross (2) & Low Net (2)
Low gross:  
1) Barb Cleghorn 45  
2) Carol Gray 49
Low net:  
1) Betty Calhoun-Hardin - 38 (MC)  
2) Robin Chater 38 (MC) 

September 3rd - Arrowhead - Best 9 - Front or Back  
1) Elaine Finui  (43) 31.5
2) Janis Ortmeyer (43)  32
3) Eileen Sheehy  (50) 33.5

August 30th - Prestwick -  Par 3's, 5's and 4 best Par 4's
1) Michelle Kozinetz  45
2) Kathy Fadziewicz 46
3) Linda Painter  47.5 (MC) 

August 27th - Arrowhead - Alternate the Pink Ball
Winning team: 
Mary Ann Deforty
Cheryl Zamerski
Elaine Finui
Janet Ebert

August 24th - Caledonia - Throw Out One Hole Front and Back
1) Taffy Greenway 54
2) Linda Barber 55 (MC)
3) Malle Kasprzyk 55 (MC)
4) Gail Sundling 58

August 20th - Arrowhead - Bogey's or Better
Flight A
1) Mary Ann Stiles 16
2) Carol Gray 14 (MC)
Flight B
1)Judy Melton 13
2) Janet Ebert 11

August 13th – Arrowhead – Snake (Players with Fewest 3 Putts)
​Winners had only 1, 3 putt. Players with most holes before 3 putt were:
​1) Leesa Ruscio 18
​2) Rita Rodriguez 16
​3) Frannie Kelly 9

August 6th - Arrowhead - Honesty (Guess your own score)
1) Michelle Kozinetz 93 vs 91 actual
2) Betty Calhoun-Hardin 98 vs 95 actual (MC)
3) Mary Jane Duryee 107 vs 104 actual (MC)

July 30th - Arrowhead - Mutt and Jeff
1) Mary Ann Deforty 29.5
2) Carol Gray 32.5 (MC)
3) Janis Ortmeyer 32.5 (MC)
4) Cathy Borsuk 33.5  

July 26th - Moorland (Pick 2 Par 3's, 5 Par 4's and 2 Par 5's)
1) Mary Ann Stiles 27.5
2) Wendy Fitzsimons 29 (MC)
3) Janet Ebert 29 (MC)

July 23rd - Arrowhead - Par 4's
1) Carolyn Mims 35
2) Dianne Atkinson 37.5
3) Janis Ortmeyer 38.5

July 19th - True Blue - Best 9 Holes (4 Per Side & 1 Other)
1) Eileen Sheehy 19
2) Wendy Fitzsimons 22
3) Malle Kasprzyk 24.5

July 16th - Arrowhead - Low Net, Low Putts
Sue Durbin 68 net
Gail Fowler 30 putts

July 9th - Arrowhead - Odd Holes
1) Louise Goodman 35
2) Barb Eckroth 36.5 (MC)
3) Taffy Greenway 36.5 (MC)  

July 5th - Arrowhead - Criss Cross
1) Janis Ortmeyer 25 (MC)
2) Jackie Miles 25 (MC)
3) Malle Kasprzyk 25.5
4) Betty Calhoun-Hardin 26

July 2nd - Arrowhead - Even Holes
1) Janet Ebert 34
2) Cathy Borsuk 37
3) Barb Cleghorn 39 (MC)
4) Cookie Belarge 39 (MC)

June 28th - Arcadian Shores - Mutt and Jeff (longest and shortest holes)
1) Kathy Fadziewicz 31.0
2) Karolyn Stokley 32.0
3) Rita Rodriguez 34.5

June 25th - Arrowhead - Guess Your Own Score
Janis Ortmeyer - within 2 points
Frannie Kelly - within 2 points
Elaine Finui - within 2 points

June 21st - Hackler - Best of Back or Front
1) Sandi Kandel 30.5
2) Eileen Sheehy 33.0
3) Wendy Fitzsimons 34 (MC)

June 19th - Arrowhead - Throw Out 1 Par 3, 4, and 5
1) Carolyn Mins 57.5
2) Amy Hurst 63.0
3) Barb Cleghorn 63.5

June 11th - Arrowhead - Partners (Low Net)  
1) Judy Shanahan and Elaine Finui -11
2) Sue Durbin and Judy Melton -4

June 4th - Arrowhead - Nine Holes(Cypress 1,2,3,7,8 & Waterway 2,3,6,8)
1) Janet Ebert 33.5
2) Carol Gray 34.5
3) Cathy Borsuk 35
4) Frannie Kelly 36 (MC)

May 31st - Waterway Hills (Lakes/Ravine) - Best of Nines
1) Louise Goodman 26.5 (MC)
2) Sandi Kandel 26.5 (MC)
3) Betty Calhoun-Hardin 27

May 28th - Arrowhead - SMOLF (Throw Out 3 Worst Holes)
1) Mary Ann Stiles 50.5
2) Cathy Borsuk 58.5
3) Sue Durbin 60.5 MC

May 24th - Blackmoor - Low Net
1) Mary Alice Yopp 63 MC
2) Barbara Azzaretti 63 MC
3) Annette Whitcomb 64
4) Marlene Kasprzak 65

May 22nd - Arrowhead - SMOLF (Minus First 3 Holes)
1) Judy Melton 62
2) Cathy Borsuk 62.5
3) Rita Rodriguez

May 17th - MBN - West Course - T's and F's
1) Mary Alice Yopp 31.5
2) Heidi Cherry 32
3) Cathy Borsuk 32.5
4) Barbara Azaretti 32.5

May 14th - Arrowhead - SMOLF (Minus Worst Par 3, 4 & 5)
1) Leesa Ruscio 43.5
2) Judy Melton 44.5
3) Cathy Borsuk 45.5

May 10th - Litchfield Country Club - Throw Out Worst Hole
1) Betty Calhoun-Hardin 61
2) Barbara Azzarettu 62
3) Sandi Kandel 63 (MC)
4) Judy Shanahan 63 (MC)  

Hole-in-One Club

 Hole-in-One Leaders 

Marion Bogle 5 
Claudette Cigol 4 
Linda Tomlinson 3 
Geri Miller 3 
Cathy Borsuk 3
Michelle Kozinetz 2 
Nancy Martin 2 
Amy Hurst 2
Mary Ann Stiles 2
Betty Calhoun-Hardin 2
Tina Quinn 2
Mary Jane Duryee 1 
Sandy Hill 1 
Janet Ebert 1 
Marilyn Maloney 1 
Judy Melton 1 
Linda Painter 1 
Eileen Sheehy 1 
Gail Sundling 1 
Sue Trythall 1 
Jan Louthain 1 
Barb Cleghorn 1
Judy Shanahan 1
    Beth Quaranda 1 

Our Home Club

Arrowhead Country Club
1201 Burcale Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578
(843) 236-3243

Discussions Around the Rules of Golf

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HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - October 2014

Syndicated Content - Championship
Syndicated Content - Slide 1

  •  WEEK 1

    Quest 1: Name a 2014 Women on Par scholarship recipient 
    (Hint: You can find their names on Facebook, the EWGA
    Foundation site or wait for the EWGA Foundation Focus
    Newsletter being sent on Thursday).

    Quest 2: What year did the EWGA Foundation start the
    Drive for Dreams program to help Rose Naliaka from Kenya’s
    girls to get golf equipment?

    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month)

  • WEEK 3

    Quest 3: How many Chapters participated at the Ace
    Supporter Level during the 
    2014 Tee Sign Program to
    Benefit Girls Golf? Name one Chapter that was an
    Ace Supporter.

    QUESTION 4: Who is the president of the EWGA Foundation?
    (5 Bonus Points)
    To submit your findings, click on the Discover EWGA icon below.

    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month) email

  • WEEK 3

    Quest 5: Did you know the EWGA Foundation has
    published two books? Name one of these books. (5 points)

    BONUS QUEST: From the EWGA Connections Newsletter,
    click on the All for Color banner ad. What is the original price
    of the Soho Swirl Golf Club Covers?

    (15 Bonus Points)
    To submit your findings, click on the Discover EWGA icon below.

    Stumped? If you need a lifeline (you get 2 for the month) email

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Syndicated Content - Newsletter 5

Syndicated Content - Save the Date 6

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White Team Wins First EWGA Solheim Cup in Myrtle Beach

The first EWGA Solheim Cup was held on Saturday, Oct. 4 at Arrowhead Country Club and was heralded by all participating members as a major success.

Serving as the two captains for this fun competition were Louise Goodman, Chapter President, and Barb Cleghorn, winner of the 2014 Wednesday league Match Play.

The first 9-hole competition was Alternate Shot. Two team members paired to compete against two members of the opposing team. Each team determined which member would tee off on even numbered holes and who would tee off on odd numbered holes. And, the second 9-hole competition was individual Match Play.

Congratulations to Barbara Cleghorn, White Team Captain, and her team for a strong rally and win. While several matches came down to the final match play hole in determining winners, Barb’s team was able to win several matches and soundly beat the Blue Team.

Alternate Shot (First 9 holes)
Blue Team: 4.5
White Team: 2.5

Match Play (Second 9 Holes)
Blue Team: 14.5
White Team: 6.5

White Team Members
Barb Cleghorn (Captain)
Betty Calhoun Hardin
M J Duryee
Amy Hurst
Eileen Sheehy
Robin Chater
Barb Eckroth
Sandi Kandel
Annette Whitcomb
Heidi Cherry
Jamie Fisher
Carolyn Mims
Carol Gray
Carol Shaw

Special thanks go to Barb Azzaretti, Cathy Borsuk, and Betty Calhoun Hardin for planning, and executing such a fun format and event! Way to go Ladies!

See picture of winning white team under Gallery above.

EWGA Carolinas District Semi-final Championship

Congratulations to Beth Hunt who won First Place Low Net in the Championship Flight at the Carolinas Semi-finals at the Dye Course at Barefoot Landing on July 12. She will be advancing to the Finals event being held at The Hermitage in Tennessee in mid-October. Congratulations also to Louise Goodman who took Second Place Low Gross in the Second Flight.

A special thank you to MB EWGA member Barb Azzaretti who not only organized and ran our Chapter Championship but also lead our efforts at one of the 15 semi-finals venues.

Also thank you to the many dedicated volunteers of our Chapter who served in a variety of roles in the semi-finals: Janis Ortmeyer, Louise Goodman, Malle Kasprzyk (and her husband, Brian), Vicki Acri, Eileen Sheehy, Linda Keene, Geri Miller, Cheryl Zamerski, Heidi Cherry, Diane Hinkle-Wills, and Diane Brescia.

See picture of winners by clicking on gallery above.

Chapter Championship Results

The winners for 2014 were:

Club Champion: Beth Hunt
Championship Flight: Low Gross - Beth Hunt

1st Flight:
Low Gross - Jamie Fisher
Low Net - Amy Hurst

2nd Flight:
Low Gross - Rita Rodriguez
Low Net - Louise Goodman

3rd Flight:
Low Gross - Lynn Ticse
Low Net - Betty Calhoun-Hardin

4th Flight:
Low Gross - Andi Hodges

Scramble Team:
First place
Barb Cleghorn
Carol Gray
Elaine Finui
Judy Shanahan

As of the end of championship play all winners were advancing to the semi-finals at Barefoot Landing (Dye Course) on July 12. Good luck everyone!

2014 Member/Member Tournament

And the results are in! The member/member tournament on May 3rd at Arrowhead was a Serious Success!!! Great turnout, great prizes and great playing! Thank you Janis Ortmyer, Kay Pierson, Rita Rodriguez and Malle Kasprzyk for your over-the-top efforts to make this a memorable event.

The winners were:

Flight A
1. Barb Cleghorn and Mary Ann Stiles
2. Amy Hurst and Beth Hunt
3. Dianne Atkinson and Mary Jane Duryee

Flight B
1. Betty Calhoun-Hardin and Barbara Azzaretti
2. Eileen Sheehy and Mary Alice Yopp
3. Tina Quinn and Wendy Fitzsimons

Congratulations all!!

Alligator Challenge

The Myrtle Beach EWGA Chapter won the Alligator Challenge this year against the Wilmington EWGA Chapter at the Carolina Shores Golf Course in Calabash. Our 14 stroke lead allowed us kept the alligator for another year.

Closest to the pins were won by Kay Pierson (MB) #12, Ann Thacker (Cape Fear) #17, Linda Barber (MB) #3, Kathy Fadziewicz (MB) #7.

Overall low gross score was an 84 by Cathy Borsuk (MB) and low net was Shannon Benedict (Cape Fear) with a 66. A fun time was had by all.

2014 EWGA Kickoff - Golf is Great

The annual EWGA Myrtle Beach Chapter Kickoff on March 23 combined 9 holes of golf, appetizers, drinks, prizes and lots of socializing at Pine Lakes Golf Course.

Over 50 ladies attended the event which come off successfully after the rain stopped before play began on the first hole.

And to top it off, nine of the 14 guests who attended joined our chapter during the event!

2013 Scramble with a Pro

On August 24th, our members played in a scramble tournament at Flounders Club. What made this a special event was that each team had a local golf pro as a member.

Although there were only bragging rights for the scramble winners, there were two members who won closest to the pin: Carol Gray, hole 3 and Diana McLellan, hole 16.

Everyone had a great time thanks to Dianne Atkinson who planned the program and arranged for the Pros.

Pictures of the players and pros can be accessed by clicking on Gallery and then Scramble with a Pro. In addition, if you click on each picture, you will see a larger version.

Pace of Play from the President of of EWGA Myrtle Beach

Slow Pace of Play has struck our EWGA chapter! As stewards of the game of golf and as leaders in representing women on the golf course, we pride ourselves in maintaining a satisfactory pace of play with a goal of 4.5 hours per round.

You should be always be ready to hit when the forward group has moved on. If you need a few helpful hints for faster play, please familiarize yourself with time-savings tips found in the new Player Handbook and make them part of your regular game.

Helpful Hint: If you can’t see the group in front of you, you're probably playing too slow! If you’re having problems and start falling behind more than one hole, be considerate and invite the EWGA group behind you to play through.

EWGA Myrtle Beach Handbooks

The Myrtle Beach Chapter has just published a handbook that describes:

Our mission and goals,
Activities we organize,
How to sign up for events,
Recommended etiquette practices, and
Frequently used rules with explanations and examples.

It also has a convenient table of contents.

The Handbook is available to all members. Contact either Carol Gray,, or Jan Louthain,, for a copy. Get one for your golf bag!

Mission Statement by 2013 President, Louise Goodman

The mission of the Chapter is to connect women to learn, play, and enjoy golf not only for fun and competition but as a means to improving business skills and contacts. Membership satisfaction is the overriding purpose of our Chapter.

The Myrtle Beach Chapter is an extension of the national EWGA and our goal is to advance the philosophy and mission of the EWGA in the Grand Strand area in South Carolina.

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O'Toole Nominated For Second Term

USGA Executive Committee Nominations for 2015 Announced 2014-10-16 USGA USGA President Tom O'Toole Jr., shown here presenting the 2014 U.S. Open trophy to Martin Kaymer, was nominated to serve a second term. (USGA/Hunter Martin) FAR HILLS, N.J. – The Nominating Committee of the United

USGA Champions Bower, Rawlins Pass Away

Senior Champions Rawlins, Brower Pass Away 2014-10-15 David Shefter, USGA Robert Rawlins (left), the 1984 U.S. Senior Amateur champion, and Alberta Bower, the 1975 U.S. Senior Women's Amateur champion, will both be remembered for their success on the local, regional and national levels. (US

80 Competitors Earn Spots in DCP Finals

Eighty Regional Champions Earn Spot in Drive, Chip and Putt National Finals 2014-10-08 United States Golf Association, Masters Tournament and PGA of America Kelly Xu, the Girls 7-9 national champion in the inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt Championship, will be back at Augusta National Golf Cl

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Grand Strand News

First Alert Forecast: Cool morning and warm afternoons

Temperatures are starting off on the chilly side this morning with most of the area down into the 40s! With plenty of sunny skies today, we should climb warmer than Sunday and back into the middle 70s.

Deputies search for Cadillac Escalade, after Dollar General gets burglarized

Darlington County deputies are investigating a burglary at the Dollar General located at the corner of Highway 340 and Hoffmeyer Road.

A man with a bullet wound drives to a Waffle House for help

 DARLINGTON SC (WMBF) - Investigators with the Darlington Police Department are trying to find out who shot a man while he was sitting in his vehicle at the Springfield Apartments just before 10:00 P.M. Sunday night. 

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