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InterClub Competition is Underway

Our first Inter club Match was played on Monday, May 4th at Burning Ridge and a tight race is developing between the teams.  Our EWGA team did exceptionally well as we are in a three way tie for first place after this first of six matches.

Team POINTS:   EWGA  178,  Burning Ridge 178,  Dunes Club 178,  Litchfield 175, Surf Club 165,  and Grande Dunes Members 153

 Congratulations to our team:  Geri Miller, Cheryl Zamerski, Sue Durbin, Linda Barber, Elaine Finui, Jane Schwartzman, Peg Martz, Robin Chater, and Rita Rodriguez.


Welcome New Members 

   Please welcome our new (or returning) members:

  • Lee Mullin
  • Lynae Ruttle
  • Cindy Greenwald
  • Donna Rosenberry
  • Julie Ann Farrell
  • Gloria Tippett
  • Annue Hogan
  • Carla Mellins
  • Cheryl Waterhouse
  • Peg Martz
  • Karen Wedham

Golf Event Results

Wednesday, May 13 - Arrowhead 
Par 3's and par 5's less half handicap

1)  Judy Shanahan       28.5
2)  Carol Gray          30 (MC)
3)  Sue Trythal         30 (MC)

Closest to the Pin - Gail Fowler

Wednesday, May 5 - Arrowhead 
Par 4's less half handicap

1)  Fran Kelly   37
2)  Betty Calhoun-Hardin 37.5 

Closest to the Pin: Diane Brescia

Saturday May 2 - Arrowhead
Best 9, less half handicap

1) Jane Schwartzman  22.5
2) Dianne Atkinson      23.5

Closest to the pin:  Kathy Fadziewicz

Wednesday, April 22 – Arrowhead
Nine Highest Scoring Holes less half handicap

1)  Sue Durbin     40 (MC)
2)  Janet Ebert Green 40 (MC)
3)  Janis Ortmeyer      41.5
4)  Carol Watters       42.5 (MC)

Closest to the Pin - Carol Gray (# 3 Waterway)  

Wednesday, April 15 - Arrowhead
Take Par on 1 Hole front and back less full handicap

Barb Azzaretti    61
Betty Calhoun Hardin  62

 Closest to the Pin on Lakes # 8 - Karen Wedam

Saturday, April 11 – Indian Wells
Select 2 par 5's, 4 par 4's and 3 par 3's, less half handicap. Winners were: 

Cheryl Zamerski     26
Gaye Cox               28
Wendy Fitzsimons    28.5

 No one reached the green for closest to the pin 

Wednesday, April 8 - Arrowhead 
Last 4 holes on 1st 9 (Cypress), first 5 holes on 2nd 9 (Lakes) less half handicap

Janet Ebert Green   29.5
Judy Shanahan        34
Barb Eckroth           35
Geri Miller        36 (MC)

 Closest to Pin - Barb Eckroth  

 Saturday, April 4 - The Wizard

Game "ONES" less 1/2 handicap 

Heidi Cherry        34.5 (MC)
Dianne Atkinson  34.5 (MC)
Malle Kasprzyk            36
Mary Ann Stiles           37

 Closest to Pin:  Cheryl Zamerski

Wednesday, April 1 – Arrowhead
Low Gross and Low net playing with just 5 clubs (Two flights)

 Flight #1

Low Gross Barb Cleghorn 83
1st Low net Carla Kessels 70
2nd low net Mary Ann Stiles 71

Flight #2

Low Gross Janis Ortmeyer (mc)   98
1st Low net Janet Ebert Green (mc)   72
2nd low net  Malle Kasprzyk  72

 Closest to pin - # 6 Cyprus - Barb Cleghorn  $10.50

Saturday, March 28 - Wild Wing
Crossover (choose 1 or 10, 2 or 11 etc)  No handicap applied

1) Wendy Fitzsimons   39
2)  Cheryl Zamerski     40
3)  Cathy Borsuk          41

Closest to the Pin on # 8:
Gail Sundling

Wednesday, March 25 - Arrowhead 
Best of 9 holes 1/2 handicap

1)  Betty Calhoun-Hardin  46
2)  Kay Pierson                47
3)  Sue Durbin                  48
4)  Fran Kelly                    49

Closest to Pin:
Judy Melton 

Wednesday, March 11 - Arrowhead
ow gross, low net, low putts

Low Gross Low Net

1) Barb Cleghorn  81 1)  Sue Durbin       65 (MC)
2) Carla Kessels   85 2)   Frannie Kelly   65 (MC)

 Low Putts

1) Jan Louthain  31
2) Sue Trythall   32

Closest to Pin - Faith Shaughnessy

Saturday, March 7 – Arrowhead
Best 9 holes front or back, less half handicap

1) Kathy Fadziewicz    33.5
2) Janet Ebert-Green     34
3) Cathy Borsuk          34.5

Closest to Pin 
- Heidi Cherry  (#8 Lakes Course)

Wednesday, March 4 – Arrowhead - Blind draw of  9 holes

 Cheryl Zamerski            31
Linda Painter        32 (MC)
Carla Kessels        32 (MC)
Carol Shaw                 32.5
Malle Kasprzyk              33
Sue Durbin                  33.5

Wednesday, January 21 - Arrowhead - Guess Your Score

1) Mary Ann McCann - even - 108
2) Janis Ortmeyer - 1 over - 100
3) Barb Cleghorn - 1 over - 87
4) Cathy Borsuk - 2 under - 84 (MC)
Wednesday, January 21 - Arrowhead - Guess Your Score

1) Mary Ann McCann - even - 108
2) Janis Ortmeyer - 1 over - 100
3) Barb Cleghorn - 1 over - 87
4) Cathy Borsuk - 2 under - 84 (MC)

Point Results

Top Points Winners in 2015 

Barb Cleghorn   $33.00
Cheryl Zamerski  $18.50
Janet Ebert-Green $18.50
Sue Durbin  $16.50
Cathy Borsuk  $16.00
Mary Ann McCann $15.50
Dianne Atkinson  $13.50
Kathy Fadziewicz  $11.00
Wendy Fitzsimons $9.50
Carla Kessels $9.00
Kay Pierson $9.00
Carol Gray $8.00
Frannie Kelly $8.00
Jan Louthain $8.00
Jane Schwartzman $8.00
Malle Kasprzyk $7.50
Carol Shaw $7.00
Mary Ann Stiles $6.50
Batty Calhoun-Hardin   $5.50
Barb Azzaretti $5.00
Janis Ortmeyer $5.00
Linda Painter $5.00
Judy Shanahan $4.00
Mary Jane Duryee $4.00
Sue Trythall $4.00
Barb Eckroth $3.50
Karolyn Stokley $3.00
Mary Ann Deforty $3.00

Hole-in-One Club

 Hole-in-One Leaders 

Marion Bogle 5 
Claudette Cigol 4 
Linda Tomlinson 3 
Geri Miller 3 
Cathy Borsuk 3
Michelle Kozinetz 2 
Nancy Martin 2 
Amy Hurst 2
Mary Ann Stiles 2
Betty Calhoun-Hardin 2
Tina Quinn 2
Mary Jane Duryee 1 
Sandy Hill 1 
Janet Ebert 1 
Marilyn Maloney 1 
Judy Melton 1 
Linda Painter 1 
Eileen Sheehy 1 
Gail Sundling 1 
Sue Trythall 1 
Jan Louthain 1 
Barb Cleghorn 1
Judy Shanahan 1
    Beth Quaranda 1 

Our Home Club

Arrowhead Country Club
1201 Burcale Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578
(843) 236-3243

Discussions Around the Rules of Golf

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Letter from Chapter President, Barb Azzaretti

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and myself let me wish you a very healthy and happy New Year.

I am excited to serve as your chapter President, and along with the Board, am looking forward to an exciting and fun year of golf events.

In keeping with EWGA core values, we will continue to sponsor and hold all the required events as well as make you aware of offerings from national as they become available. We will continue to promote the networking and mentoring services that all of our years of experience can offer to young women in the local communities.

In addition, we are diligently planning for our member tournaments and competition in Interclub and against other area chapters.

Our website will be undergoing a face lift and will continue to hold all the information you will need for scheduling, upcoming events and local news.

The first change to the website is the elimination of the sign-up page. This site has been overlooked on occasion, which unfortunately created confusion for both members and hostesses. Our plan is to have one hostess named as the primary contact person in order to ensure all names are collected for weekly events.

One of the major goals this year will be to increase membership. I am exploring different promotion avenues to gain broader exposure. However, current members can help gain exposure using our kick-off meeting, scheduled on March 22 at Pine Lakes. A nine hole golf event followed with refreshments. Please save the date and remember to invite family, friends and neighbors who love to play and want to meet fun, exciting women.

A full calendar of dates, places and event leaders will be available on the February website.

Of course, none of these events will be possible without help from the membership. Several ladies have volunteered but more are needed to ensure successful events and programs! Member/Member, Member/Guest and Interclub events can use more help in acquiring prizes, arranging lunches and helping on the day of the event. Please let me know if you are willing to help out.

As always, if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me at

Looking forward to our chapters continued success.

White Team Wins First EWGA Solheim Cup in Myrtle Beach

The first EWGA Solheim Cup was held on Saturday, Oct. 4 at Arrowhead Country Club and was heralded by all participating members as a major success.

Serving as the two captains for this fun competition were Louise Goodman, Chapter President, and Barb Cleghorn, winner of the 2014 Wednesday league Match Play.

The first 9-hole competition was Alternate Shot. Two team members paired to compete against two members of the opposing team. Each team determined which member would tee off on even numbered holes and who would tee off on odd numbered holes. And, the second 9-hole competition was individual Match Play.

Congratulations to Barbara Cleghorn, White Team Captain, and her team for a strong rally and win. While several matches came down to the final match play hole in determining winners, Barb’s team was able to win several matches and soundly beat the Blue Team.

Alternate Shot (First 9 holes)
Blue Team: 4.5
White Team: 2.5

Match Play (Second 9 Holes)
Blue Team: 14.5
White Team: 6.5

White Team Members
Barb Cleghorn (Captain)
Betty Calhoun Hardin
M J Duryee
Amy Hurst
Eileen Sheehy
Robin Chater
Barb Eckroth
Sandi Kandel
Annette Whitcomb
Heidi Cherry
Jamie Fisher
Carolyn Mims
Carol Gray
Carol Shaw

Special thanks go to Barb Azzaretti, Cathy Borsuk, and Betty Calhoun Hardin for planning, and executing such a fun format and event! Way to go Ladies!

See picture of winning white team under Gallery above.

EWGA Carolinas District Semi-final Championship

Congratulations to Beth Hunt who won First Place Low Net in the Championship Flight at the Carolinas Semi-finals at the Dye Course at Barefoot Landing on July 12. She will be advancing to the Finals event being held at The Hermitage in Tennessee in mid-October. Congratulations also to Louise Goodman who took Second Place Low Gross in the Second Flight.

A special thank you to MB EWGA member Barb Azzaretti who not only organized and ran our Chapter Championship but also lead our efforts at one of the 15 semi-finals venues.

Also thank you to the many dedicated volunteers of our Chapter who served in a variety of roles in the semi-finals: Janis Ortmeyer, Louise Goodman, Malle Kasprzyk (and her husband, Brian), Vicki Acri, Eileen Sheehy, Linda Keene, Geri Miller, Cheryl Zamerski, Heidi Cherry, Diane Hinkle-Wills, and Diane Brescia.

See picture of winners by clicking on gallery above.

Chapter Championship Results

The winners for 2014 were:

Club Champion: Beth Hunt
Championship Flight: Low Gross - Beth Hunt

1st Flight:
Low Gross - Jamie Fisher
Low Net - Amy Hurst

2nd Flight:
Low Gross - Rita Rodriguez
Low Net - Louise Goodman

3rd Flight:
Low Gross - Lynn Ticse
Low Net - Betty Calhoun-Hardin

4th Flight:
Low Gross - Andi Hodges

Scramble Team:
First place
Barb Cleghorn
Carol Gray
Elaine Finui
Judy Shanahan

As of the end of championship play all winners were advancing to the semi-finals at Barefoot Landing (Dye Course) on July 12. Good luck everyone!

2014 Member/Member Tournament

And the results are in! The member/member tournament on May 3rd at Arrowhead was a Serious Success!!! Great turnout, great prizes and great playing! Thank you Janis Ortmyer, Kay Pierson, Rita Rodriguez and Malle Kasprzyk for your over-the-top efforts to make this a memorable event.

The winners were:

Flight A
1. Barb Cleghorn and Mary Ann Stiles
2. Amy Hurst and Beth Hunt
3. Dianne Atkinson and Mary Jane Duryee

Flight B
1. Betty Calhoun-Hardin and Barbara Azzaretti
2. Eileen Sheehy and Mary Alice Yopp
3. Tina Quinn and Wendy Fitzsimons

Congratulations all!!

2014 EWGA Kickoff - Golf is Great

The annual EWGA Myrtle Beach Chapter Kickoff on March 23 combined 9 holes of golf, appetizers, drinks, prizes and lots of socializing at Pine Lakes Golf Course.

Over 50 ladies attended the event which come off successfully after the rain stopped before play began on the first hole.

And to top it off, nine of the 14 guests who attended joined our chapter during the event!

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